Potato Cakes Recipe

Irish Potato Cakes Recipe

Potato Cakes Recipe: Nicola here from The Wonky Spatula with another Irish formula this week I’m sharing my Mum’s triumphant Potato Cakes Recipe.

My most loved mid-week supper growing up was smoked salmon with potato cakes, there’s recently not at all like it! These potato cakes are so flexible you can group them with pretty much anything, regardless of whether it’s a full Irish at the end of the week or a speedy and simple side dish to your mid-week dinners.

Potato Cakes Recipe

Potato Cakes Recipe

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This formula is awesome for spending any remaining potatoes you need to lying around the cooler!

Elements for this Irish Potato Cakes formula:

3 extensive white potatoes, peeled and quartered

20-30g of grass-bolstered margarine, in addition to adding to serve – Kerry Gold is my go to!

4 tbsp generally useful flour (this can be subbed for without gluten choices)

2-3 cups of smoked salmon per individual to serve

Technique for cooking your Irish Potato Cakes:

Place the potatoes in an expansive pot of chilly water.

Heat up the potatoes for around 20 minutes until completely cooked and cushy.

Once cooked strain off the water from the potatoes and place back on your hob over a low warmth to get dry for 2-3 minutes.

Next, crush the potatoes, including the spread with a little sprinkle of salt and blend completely.

Mix in 3 tbsp of your picked flour.

Sprinkle the rest of the tbsp of flour onto a wooden board and place the potato to finish everything.

Shape the potato into a circle and cover in the cleaning flour.

Cut the potato cake into 4 and warmth a substantial skillet over a medium warmth.

Place the potato cakes onto the dry skillet and cook for 4-5 minutes a side, until the point when they are pleasantly sautéed and beginning to fresh.

Potato Cakes Recipe

Either complete in the container with a little handle of margarine or include it top when plating – whichever you lean toward!

Serve and appreciate with a liberal aiding of smoked salmon.

Irish Potato Cakes Recipe

I want to serve mine with an additional handle of spread!

On the off chance that you experiment with this formula let us know in the remarks beneath!

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