Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe

Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe

Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe: These Easy Drop Biscuits are tasty as well as they just require 3 straightforward fixings to make. They’re the ideal straightforward scone to get ready when you’re in a rush since drop bread rolls avoid the rolling and slicing that is normally required to separate the mixture. The long stretch of September has been pronounced National Biscuit Month and despite the fact that we appreciate natively constructed scones all the time, this is one festival I could never miss. I trust that making the best custom made scone begins with the flour along these lines, my flour of decision is White Lily. White Lily Flour is a trusted brand and one my wash room is never without.

Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe

Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe

As a young lady, I figured out how to make bread rolls from my Mom and Granmas. Scones were the house bread of decision and it wouldn’t have been strange for them to be served at any dinner at the same time, specifically for breakfast. Regardless of whether served covered with rich hot dog sauce, slathered with margarine or natively constructed jam a handcrafted roll just makes the supper. Since I have my very own group, the bread making custom has proceeded. For me, the grins and the “oohs” and “aahs” just never get old.

At the point when my dear companions at White Lily requesting that I join the bread festivity, I couldn’t have been more joyful to oblige. Notwithstanding this straightforward drop roll formula they’re additionally giving without end a blessing wicker bin which incorporates a scone cutter, cake blender, flour sifter, scratch pad, flour and tote pack. These things are a portion of the fundamental things that any dough puncher needs to kick-begin their preparing. Before you leave, look down the base of the page and enter at that point get occupied with influencing a few rolls to commend the house to the bread of the South!

Simple Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe


Creator: Melissa Sperka

Serves: 12


2 mugs White Lily® Enriched Bleached Self-Rising Flour

¼ container Crisco® All-Vegetable Shortening OR icy margarine, cubed

? to ¾ mugs drain or buttermilk, in addition to extra as required


Preheat the stove to 500°F. Coat a preparing sheet with a no-stick cooking splash.

Measure flour in an extensive bowl. Cut in shortening or spread utilizing a cake blender or 2 blades until the point when morsels are the span of peas.

Mix in simply enough drain with a fork until the point when the mixture leaves sides of the bowl. If necessary, add more drain to shape delicate mixture.

Drop mixture by adjusted tablespoonfuls onto the heating sheet.

Heat for 8 to 12 minutes or until softly cooked.

Serve promptly with frankfurter sauce, margarine, nectar or stick.


Cooled scones can be solidified up to one month in plastic sustenance stockpiling packs. Warm by setting in stove 5 to 10 minutes or microwave around 1 minute.

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